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Doctors are not the only ones who provide 2nd opinions.

We proudly offer free, no-obligation consultations, including a Complimentary Portfolio Review. Often, your total portfolio costs are not fully disclosed. After a quick review of your brokerage account statement(s), we’ll quantify your all-in fees and expenses. The results may surprise you! We are available when it’s convenient for you! Evenings and weekends are okay, plus we invite you to video chat with us via Skype, FaceTime, or zoom-logo-cropped Zoom.

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It’s not just about money. It’s about the quality of your life.

The decisions you make today will impact your quality of life in years to come. You need to get it right, and we see people failing to get it right all too often. You rely on trusted financial institutions but sadly, what you receive often falls short of your expectations. The culprit may be high fees and commissions, a lack of investment knowledge, or behavior that is ethically questionable. The result is potentially costly to you. And you may not know the cost until it’s too late.

Credentials you can trust. Experience you want.

We serve our clients with uncompromising integrity. Our credentials are prestigious and signify extensive knowledge and high standards of conduct. Rely on us for an honest opinion of your current situation and where you’re headed. Our review may boost your confidence and help you avoid costly mistakes.

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