7 Principles of Successful Investing

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7 Principles of Successful Investing*

  1. Diversify and Custody Away – Diversify broadly and never custody your assets with your adviser.
  2. Keep it Simple – Buy the market (via mutual funds & ETFs) instead of trying to pick individual securities.
  3. Stay the Course – Invest for the long-term. Don’t try to time the market buy jumping in and out.
  4. Keep Fees & Expenses Low – Transparency is necessary to keep fees & expenses low.
  5. Don’t Overspend – Safe spending levels vary based on pre or post retirement status.
  6. Expect Volatility – Markets are, and will remain, volatile.
  7. Ignore Wall Street & the Financial Media Noise – Wall Street is set-up to make money for Wall Street, and the financial media is entertainment, not advice.

We offer these 7 Principles of Successful Investing so you can potentially have a favorable, real-world, lifetime investing experience. Nobody knows what the future holds, so, obviously, there are no guarantees. However, these 7 principles incorporate pragmatic concepts and common-sense ideas designed to help you create, grow, and keep wealth.

* These general investment principles are, obviously, not a specific, or customized, investment recommendation nor do they suggest one should invest in any sector, security, or type of security.

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