Presidential Election & Your Portfolio

We thought you might find the above chart interesting. It shows that as long as investors have a long-term horizon, matters not who or what party occupies the White House. The stock market continues to advance when one considers time frames of about 15 years or more. Yes, there are […]

Morningstar Research on Fees

According to Morningstar’s research, “Expense ratios are strong predictors of performance. In every asset class over every time period, the cheapest quintile produced higher total returns than the most expensive quintile.” Therefore, a mutual fund’s expense ratios – the fees, or costs, you pay to own your fund – are […]

Misleading Info? 1

On December 7th, 2014, KTTH radio (770 on the AM dial) in Seattle broadcast a show called Absolute Return Radio with Brian Decker and Jim Black. We all make mistakes, and there appears to be one with respect to the time horizon. At about the 13 minute mark (copy and […]