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Your financial plan is unique.


That’s why we call it your Cashflow Fingerprint®, and the results of your initial Cashflow Fingerprint® financial planning session will serve as the basis for your portfolio’s asset allocation. We’ll then use the Cashflow Fingerprint® as the guide to make sure you’re going to be okay financially. If you’re an investment management client, Cashflow Fingerprint® financial planning is provided at no additional charge. If you’d prefer stand-alone, Cashflow Fingerprint® financial planning without investment management services, we provide that as well for a $2,500 fee.


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Are you confident you’re on a path to retire comfortably AND to remain comfortably retired? Are you sure you’re not at risk of outliving your money? Don’t guess. Know where you’re going. Investing is a journey, and you need a roadmap. Our Cashflow Fingerprint® financial planning process produces one for you.


Cashflow Fingerprint

Make sure your financial plan is a Cashflow Fingerprint®. Why? Because it’s a tax-accurate, powerful tool developed by a team of CPAs and Investment Advisers. We use the Cashflow Fingerprint® to design a plan around the way you want to live.


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