Invest in Wealth

Whether or not you hire us, please consider these general investment principles* as you endeavor to create, grow, and keep your own wealth:

(1) Diversify & custody away – diversify broadly & never custody your assets with your wealth manager
(2) Keep investing simple – do NOT try out-smart the market; just buy the market
(3) Stay the course – invest for the long term; don’t try to time the market by jumping in and out
(4) Keep fees/expenses low – 100% fee transparency is imperative to keep them low
(5) Don’t over spend – Safe spending levels vary depending on pre or post retirement status
(6) Expect volatility – markets are, and will remain, volatile
(7) Ignore Wall Street & the media noise – financial news is entertainment, not advice

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Thanks for perusing our website, and if you would like to explore engaging us to conduct holistic, comprehensive financial planning or to provide you with uncomplicated wealth management services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We stand ready to start a dialogue whenever you’re comfortable doing so.


* These general investment principles are, obviously, not a specific, or customized, investment recommendation nor do they suggest one should invest in any sector, security, or type of security.