Our Approach

At Pacific Northwest Asset Management, LLC we will:

PNW Asset Management Logo

  1. always put your interest first.
  2. lead with our Cashflow Fingerprint© financial planning process.
  3. provide you with impeccable service and personal attention.
  4. only manage your money using the same process that we manage our own.
  5. not accept commissions or any hard dollar direct compensation or remuneration from any outside vendor. As a result, our objectivity with respect to any recommendation or product offering will not be compromised. We may, from time to time, accept fully disclosed soft dollar compensation from an outside vendor – such as research, trade confirmations, account statements, and regulatory alerts – if we believe it helps us serve you better.
  6. be available to you. That means any time, not just during business hours.
  7. make a concerted effort to keep you informed about, and to educate you on, financial matters.
  8. learn from you.